MS Office Advanced Suite

MS Visio

Course Contents

    • Make Shapes and Text

    • Group and Connect Shapes

    • Stencils and assign Shapes to Layers

    • Add Data and make Reports

    • Organization Charts and Gantt Charts

    • Cross Functional Flowcharts

MS Access

Course Contents

    • Access fundamentals

    • Design and build a Database with related tables

    • Manage the data in a table and Query a database using different methods

    • Work with Forms and Sort, Retrieve, Analyze Data

    • Reports

    • Access with Other Applications

    • Import and export

    • Administer an Access Database

MS Outlook

Course Contents

    • Send and read mail

    • CC, BCC and To

    • calendar

    • meetings

    • Add, Edit and Delete contact information

    • Add tasks and add & view journal entries

    • Add notes and view another user’s schedule

    • Change display & option settings