MS Excel

MS-Excel is most widely used data analyzing and management tool. Our professional Excel training teaches you not only basics of Microsoft Excel but also the application of it to your everyday problems. We evaluate candidate's knowledge level, their problems and adjust our training to their specific needs. Existing MS Excel users who have not had any formal training finds this course extremely useful, as it will bridge the gap in their knowledge of Excel.

If you spend a lot of times in your office working with excel sheet and looking a way to improve the productivity by utilizing the Excel advanced features at its best you are in a right place. Join our advanced Excel course tailor made for working professionals. Either you run a small business or working in a corporate, Excel can make your life easy by saving a lot of time leveraging advanced features.

Basic Excel

Course Contents

    • Workbooks.

    • Worksheets.

    • Clipboard, Font, Alignment, and styles

    • Columns and Rows

    • Cells, Formula bar, and address bar

    • Relative and absolute references

    • Name Ranges

    • Data Types

    • Enter, delete, and edit data.

    • Functions and formulas.

    • Charts and graphics.

    • Filter and sort table data.

    • Pivot tables and charts.

    • Import and export data.

    • Charts and Graphics

    • Analyze the Data

    • Text to Columns

    • Macros and the Web

    • Dashboard

    • XL Shortcut keys


    • Exam code 77-882 Excel 2010

Advanced Excel

Course Contents

    • Basic Excel Quick Walk through

    • PivotTable

    • Slicer

    • Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP etc.)

    • Conditional Formatting

    • Data Validation

    • Basic functions (SUMIF, COUNTIF etc.)

    • Date, Time, Math, and Text functions.


    • Logical functions (IF, AND, OR, NOT etc.)

    • Advanced Filters and sorting

    • Splitting, freezing, and linking sheets

    • Data Forms

    • What if analysis – Scenarios, Goal Seek, Solver, Data Table

    • Macro Recordings

    • Tables

    • Group, Subtotal

    • Istext, Isnumber, Iserror etc.

    • Worksheet Protection and tracking changes

    • Graphs

    • ASAP Utilities

    • XL Shortcut keys


    • Exam code 77-888 Excel 2010 Expert