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SAS Base and Advanced

Course Contents

  • About SAS
  • Writing the first SAS Program
  • Reading Raw Data from External Files
  • Creating Permanent SAS Data Sets
  • Subsetting and Combining SAS Data Sets
  • Reading and Writing Data from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Performing Conditional Processing, Iterative Processing: Looping
  • Working with Dates, Numeric Functions, and Character Functions, and with Arrays
  • Displaying Data
  • Creating Customized Reports
  • Summarizing Your Data
  • Counting Frequencies
  • Creating Formats and Labels, and Advanced Tabular Reports
  • Introducing the Output Delivery System
  • Generating High-Quality Graphics
  • Using Advanced INPUT Techniques, advanced Features of User-Defined Formats and Informats
  • Restructuring SAS Data Sets
  • Introducing the SAS Macro Language, and SQL


  • Exam Code A00-211 SAS Base Programming for SAS (r) 9
  • Exam Code A00-212 SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9
  • Exam Code A00-280 SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9